Experimental Games

We love to experiment with game making - from game jams to messing around in the lab, the best way to try out new mechanics or ideas is to make a demo game.

Note: these games are built in Unity and playable in-browser using the Unity Web Player, which only certain browsers support.

All games are available for download on Windows and Mac.


Juice Jam: Breakout

Breakout, but angrier. It was made for the Juice Jam - a dev night game jam at the Philly Game Forge. Take Breakout and juice it up.


** Avoid if you are sensitive to flashing **


A heavily inspired homage to QWOP, this is the story of a guy just trying to get some food into his mouth.


A minimal shooter made for the Single Axis of Input Jam - a dev night game jam at the Philly Game Forge.

The jam was sponsored by Penn Robotics to generate ideas for games to use on specialized equipment to help rehabilitate the motor skills of stroke victims. The constraint was to only use a single axis of input.