Newfound Love: Digital Painting

I’ve been busy over the past couple weeks with contracting and I’m FINALLY heads down, working on concept art for our relaunch of Brainarang (new title TBD). In the process of exploring the many different directions I could take the art for the new game, I happened upon some extremely talented digital artists who’ve really inspired me to evolve as an artist.

First and foremost is Rich Werner who, if you knew just one thing he’s done, it’s Plants vs. Zombies. No big deal. Just kidding it’s a big deal. His blog is an amazing source of inspiration for me and if I ever realize the amount of talent that man wields in just his pinky finger, I’ll do just fine in this industry. In the process of trying to reverse engineer some of the techniques I see him employ in his paintings, I found myself hitting a few walls.

Enter Matt Kohr. Matt is a freelance concept artist/illustrator/digital painter/educator extraordinaire. He’s put together a foundational series of instructional videos for digital drawing and painting in photoshop that is nothing short of incredible. If you have ANY interest whatsoever in learning these crafts, head on over to ctrl+Paint and have fun. I know I am.

So, all that said, here’s the first sample of the concept art for the new game. He’s an Old School English Big Game Hunter.

English Big Game Hunter

Here's my first go at digital painting.