GDC is worth it

Jake and I just got back from GDC and my mind has been blown to tiny little fucking pieces.

I’m writing this particularly for the hesitant, potential GDC 2013 attendee. Suck it up and make the trip by any means necessary. Throw it on a credit card. Volunteer if you have to. Whatever.

Fucking go.

It was incredible. Knowledge and inspiration came from everywhere, even the most unexpected of places.

A brief anecdote: I went into the experience basically thinking I’d have nothing to learn from all those “big-wig AAA” folks from companies like Epic Games and Ubisoft. I actually remember thinking “I just can’t see myself relating to a guy like Cliffy B.” *Prepare for insertion of foot in mouth.* In one particularly awesome session titled “Microtalks” we had the chance to hear 10 people speak for 5-6 minutes each. Cue Cliffy B, the guy behind amazing AAA games such as Gears of War. This guy hopped up on the podium and in 5 minutes broke down some of the hardest decisions all indie game devs face such as what engine to use, what platform to develop for, and whether you should work with a publisher. He also was very adamant about that fact that when you start designing games, they WILL suck. Angry Birds was Rovio’s 52nd title. Persistence and passion forge great game designers. Nothing else. Simply put, that a man in his shoes is so very aware of what aspiring devs like us are going through and further able to offer such keen advice really spoke to me.

In the past week I’ve learned that game developers, be they indie, AAA, whatever fucking label you want to slap on their ass, generally love what they do and share in that excitement in a way I instantly identify with. It was amazing to finally connect with this global game development community in a meaningful way.

Don’t hesitate next year.

Go to GDC.