We make games you want to play with your friends

Attention to Craftsmanship

We care deeply about our craft - designing and developing games. We can't stand sloppiness, and we don't tolerate it in ourselves. We get to do the best job in the world - and we don't take that for granted.

Social is a lot more fun

Not "social" in the cringe-worthy, buzzword way, but "social" as in "let's play our friends" kinda way. We like playing games together better than alone, so we like to write games that encourage playing with your friends.

Customers above all else

Customer service comes before everything. We put interaction with our customers - and their satisfaction - at the highest priority of our work. Without them we are nothing.

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I joined the Flyclops team at a great time.

I joined the Flyclops team at a great time. The guys just celebrated the one year anniversary […]

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Another year, another GDC

Is what I might say if I’m lucky enough to stay in this business for another 10 […]

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